The Next Chapter Church was founded in 2007 based on the simple belief that our call as Christ followers is to “Love God, Love People, and Be a Blessing to the World.” We are building relationships with each other and our world through service and authentic community, led by the example of Jesus. We are trying to live out the belief that God is for people and not against them. Everyone is welcome, invited and accepted here, regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, belief or any other factor. Come as you are. God cares deeply about all people and wants to make the Next Chapter of our story one of great love and significance. We, as a church community, are honored that we get to play a role in God’s great plan for the lives of God’s people.


Our Mission

Love God, Love People, Be a Blessing to the World


Our Vision

All People Invited
Our community was created for ALL people. We believe God made you and loves you deeply. If you’re good enough for God, you’re certainly good enough for us. Everyone is not only welcomed here, but invited. And bring your kids. We love them too…even teenagers.

All People Accepted
Take some time to learn all of our stories and you’ll know why we accept you just the way you are, without judgment or condemnation. Whether you would call yourself a Christian or you’re just exploring this whole Jesus thing, we commit to loving and embracing you right where you are. So, yes, you can wear shorts and flip-flops to our Sunday gatherings.

All People Grow
We believe that God promised us an abundant and fulfilled life that starts now and continues into the next. That doesn’t mean life will be easy, or that we’ll all end up wealthy, but it does mean that your life, and every life matters greatly. It means that in spite of life’s challenges, we can experience our heart’s longing for peace, hope, love, and joy through the grace and mercy of Christ and that we are called to use our lives to offer those gifts to others.


The Next Chapter is a community…

Dependent upon God’s redeeming power and unconditional love expressed through God’s son Jesus Christ and revealed to us through scripture and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Dedicated to loving God expressed through daily surrendered lives built upon faith and loving people by being a community that inspires healing, hope, acceptance, and authenticity allowing all of us to discover our identity in Christ.

Committed to blessing the world through humble service led by the example of Christ for the glory of God and God’s Kingdom.