Blessing the world starts right here, in our homes, in our church body and in the neighborhoods we live and work in. The Next Chapter goes about blessing the world locally in a number of ways.

Local Service Projects
From time to time a need arises that can be met for a family with just a small amount of money and a lot of hands. If you or a loved one could use some help like this, please e-mail us at

Life can be tough. There are seasons when we just don’t seem to be able to make ends meet. Sometimes it’s because of bad luck, sometimes bad choices and sometimes good choices that just didn’t work out how we thought they would. Regardless, we care about these times and want to be a resource to help. For needs that are small dollar amounts and are temporary, we’d love to help. Please e-mail us at and we will be in touch. For longer term needs, please ask for our list of local contacts that are able to help in those situations. If you need help navigating those, please let us know and we’re happy to step in.

Hospitality Ministry
If you’ve ever gone through tough times (loved ones passing away, sickness, job loss, divorce, financial troubles and more) you know how grateful and how much of a blessing it is to have someone prepare a meal for you and your family. It takes one more pressure off your plate so that you can, at least for a moment, sit and enjoy a meal. If you would like to prepare meals for those in need please e-mail us at If you or someone you love could use a meal or more, please let us know.

Power of a Dollar
Jesus referred to the Church as the Body of Christ. It’s a concept that shows that each person has just a small, but significant job, and when all those jobs are combined together in one vision under the service of Christ, great things will happen. We’ve taken that concept and applied it to helping individuals and organizations locally. Each Sunday, we ask each person that attends service to drop just $1 into a special basket. We collect those funds and once a month we give the money away. If you’d like to see organizations we’ve given to locally and find out how to connect with them deeper, please contact us. If you’d like to suggest a person or organization to give to simply e-mail Ronda Breeden at

Serving Local Organizations
Throughout the year we offer opportunities for those that call The Next Chapter home to serve other local organizations. Keep an eye out for upcoming opportunities on our Sign-Ups and Events pages.

Local Housing Initiative
In 2011, the heart of our church was broken as we learned the scope of poverty in our community. We learned that 1/3rd of children in impoverished school districts in our community switch schools each year creating systemic instability. We also learned that many of their parents worked hard at jobs, but didn’t produce enough income to afford safe, warm and consistent housing. Even though we are a small church, we felt that we had to do something, so that year, we purchased a fire damaged house in Newport. Our plan was to rehab it with our own sweat equity and then offer it to families in need at a price they could afford, regardless of profit to us so that we could help create stability for families. Now, we have two families living in our home and working toward financial stability by going to school, working jobs or finding income. If you would like to help support this ministry, please do that here.